Our mission in EPIC Kids is to make sure each child is seen, heard and loved.  We have an excellent team of screened individuals that helps accomplish our mission by greeting you at the door and helping check your children into our secure kids area.

EPIC Babies is designed for the littlest EPIC kids (6 weeks-2 years).  We provide a safe, caring and exciting nursery area for your younger children to explore, play and learn.  Your babies will feel loved and cared for by our screened and trained staff in EPIC Babies.

EPIC Littles is for children 2 years-Kindergarten.  They will experience God’s love through engaging play, active songs and a short age-appropriate lesson.  Your Little will leave each Sunday with an activity page that is a great tool to continue the lesson conversation.  During the EPIC Littles Experience, your child will have the opportunity to utilize our Kids Arcade Area where they can play wack-a-shark, skeet ball and arcade racing games.

EPIC Elementary is a fun and engaging 60 minute program that uses games, songs and short teaching segments to present God’s love to students in K-5th grade.  Each Sunday, the lesson centers around a Big Idea, a Verse to Remember and a Bible Example.  To find out more information and to continue the conversation, check out the EPIC Kids KC Facebook page.  Our EPIC Elementary students can visit our Kids Arcade Area 15 minutes prior to the experience starting and 15 minutes after the experience ends.  The arcade is filled with games we know your kids will love like pop-a-shot, pinball, skeet ball and arcade racing games.
We would love for you to stop by and check out our kids program!  If you have any questions, feel free to email us at kids@epickc.com or contact us through the EPIC Kids KC Facebook Page.
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