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iGrow – Week 3 – Imitation

iGrow – Week 2 – Information

iGrow – Week 1 – Invitation

Rebel – Vision Sunday 2022

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iGrow: Invitation, Information, Imitation, & Innovation

Rebel – Vision Sunday 2022

Follow Me – The Gospel of Matthew

Maskots 2022

Making the grade in life.

Finding modern meanings from ancient altars.

It’s not about your age, it’s your stage. We all grow physically, but are you growing spiritually? It’s time to Grow Up.

In this seven week series Pastor Bobby looks back at the seven churches of Revelation (Asia Minor) and brings forth practical truth that is applicable to the Church today.

Happy Birthday EPIC Church. In this stand-alone message, Pastor Bobby delivers the Vision for the upcoming year!

Mark My Words.

In this stand-alone message, Pastor Bobby discusses The Empty Seat.